Semi-forcing 1NT, direct raises, and invitational jump shifts

Our one of a major is not as limited as in systems like precision, but is much more limited than in normal 2/1 GF and "standard" systems. We saw how in first or second seat, we use a 2♣ conventional bid to show balanced hands game invite or stronger, or hands with three card support, game invite or stronger, or true 2/1 GF with five clubs. These are the kind of hands that normal 2/1 players stick into their forcing 1NT, thus making a rebid by opener mandatory. Since our 1NT forcing bid does not include any of these strong varients, we call it a semi-forcing 1NT (opener can pass without worrying about missing game).

We further limit the scope of our forcing 1NT in two important ways. First, we remove all three card raises from it..... even those too weak to use the 2♣ convention. Second, we remove all 12 point type hands with one good suit from it, we use a non-forcing invitational jump shift to show those hands.

Here is the outline of the full responding scheme to 1S (don;t forget modified Kaplan Inversion). Responses to 1H are the same except for the modified kaplan thing

----> 1NT - none of the below, semi forcing
----> 2C - 1st or 2nd Seat Drury convention (see that topic)
----> 2D - GF 2/1
----> 2H - GF 2/1
----> 2S - preemptive raise, up to bad 8 hcp, three card support as a rule
----> 2NT - Jacoby 2NT PLUS (four card raise, good 10+ or better)
----> 3C goodish six card suit, 11-12 points
----> 3D goodish six card suit, 11-12 points
----> 3H, goodish six card suit, 11-12 points
----> 3S preemptive raise, 0-7 hcp, four card support
----> 3NT
----> 4C/4D/4H = splinters,
----> 4S preemptive raise, five card support

The semi-forcing 1NT will never have a good suit and decent values, balanced or semi-balanced hand with good 10 plus, three card+ support for first major. Let's see the follow ups, remember 2♣ riton is used.

After Semi-forcing 1NT

----> Pass (to play)
----> 2♣ (riton), shows good hand with no easy bid
----------> Pass, rare but possible
----------> 2D can be diamonds, or waiting. Opener will not pass this
-----------------> 2H strong hand with 4 hearts and spades, good hcp
-----------------> 2S six card suit, poor suit quality so no jump
-----------------> 2NT balanced 17-19
-----------------> 3C four card club suit
-----------------> 3D four card diamond
----------> 2H weak five or six card suit
----------> 2S weak preference, no diamond fit, only 2D
----------> 3C = long clubs, too weak for invite 3C to start with, to good to pass
----------> 3D = long diamonds, too weak for invite 3D (with weaker, bid 2D then 3D)
----> 2D real diamond suit, weak hand
----------> Pass (not good enough for 2NT-->3D, or immediate 3D)
----------> 2H weak suit of own
----------> 2S No fit, two card support
----------> 2NT Reverse good bad 2NT, opener must bid 3C
-----------------> very weak with clubs, no fit
-----------------> intermediate for 1NT response with diamond fit
-----------------> good hand for diamonds, "strong raise"
----> 2H real heart suit, weak hand
----> 2S weak hand with spades, must be six
----> 2NT bid diamond fit (can't be balance, can't be spades)
----> 3D preemptive diamond fit
----> 3C preemptive, to play

After Invitational jump shift
1M - Jumpshift
----> pass to play
----> Raises natural
----> 3NT natural
----> new suit forcing
----> rebid opener suit mildly invite

Direct raises are always weak
1M - 2M = weak three card raise
1M - 3M = weak four card raise
1M - 4M = weak five card raise
1M - 2C (1st and second seat convention, may be non=support as well)
1M - 2C (3rd and 4th seat = 3 card constructive raise always)
1M - 2D (3rd and 4th seat = 4 card constructive raise always)
1M - 2NT = four card limit raise or BETTER, even by passed hand
1M - double jump shift = splinter

IMP-13 North Dlr: West
Board 669 S AKT642 Vul: Both
West D Q6 East
S QJ7 C KQ S 83
H Q982 H JT74
D K95 South D AT73
C 864 S 95 C JT5
H 65
D J842
C A9732

4/2/2005 7:53:44 PM
First 7:45:21 PM, Last 7:53:44 PM

West North East South
Pass 1S Pass 1NT!
Pass 2C! Pass 2S
Pass 3NT Pass Pass

1. Maybe unbalanced
2. Good hand, not clubs
3. Warning, very weak hand, 2 card support
4. 3NT, too much not to insist on game

IMP-13 North Dlr: North
Board 697 S Q4 Vul: None
H 964
West D AJ7 East
S T C J9532 S 76532
H KQJ8732 H 5
D 65 South D KT2
C T87 S AKJ98 C AQ64
D Q9843

4/2/2005 8:12:38 PM
First 8:06:33 PM, Last 8:12:38 PM

West North East South
Pass Pass 1S
Pass 1NT ! Pass 3D !
Pass 4S All Pass

1. 1NT can be off-shaped, not forcing
2. 3D two suiter, 5-5 or better, 5 loser
3. 4S what else with two tricks
and bonus DJ

IMP-13 West Dlr: West
Board 776 S T3 Vul: Both
H JT72
South D AK86 North
S K92 C Q62 S J75
H K43 H 9
D QJ742 East D T3
C KJ S AQ864 C AT98754
H AQ865
D 95
C 3

4/2/2005 8:31:44 PM
First 8:28:38 PM, Last 8:36:45 PM

South West North East
Pass Pass 1S
Pass 1NT ! Pass 2H
Pass 3H ! Pass 4H
Pass Pass Pass

1. 2H not all 5-5 hands allow jumps
2. responder can raise hearts a
couple of ways. Direct raise,
stongest, 2NT followed by 3H
weakest. This raise 24-25 Zars
3. 4H justified on 5-5 and bullets

IMP-13 East Dlr: East
Board 996 S AT9762 Vul: E-W
H A73
North D K South
S K53 C KQ3 S J4
H 65 H QJT9
D AT5 West D J98
C JT862 S Q8 C A754
H K842
D Q76432
C 9

North East South West
1S Pass 1NT !
Pass 2C ! Pass 2D
Pass 2S All Pass

1. Can be unbalanced, not "forcing"
2. Good hand, 15+,
3. With 7, too good to show weak
4. Six spades, not good enough
for immediate or delayed 3S
but too good for 2S over 1N
5. Pass, high enough on good day
4S might make. 3S would be
invite. 2NT natural as rebid
here over 2S afer 2D.

IMP-13 East Dlr: North
Board 1019 S 52 Vul: N-S
H AQ962
North D J92 South
S KT C KJ2 S 983
H J543 H K8
D K865 West D T74
C T43 S AQJ764 C A9876
H T7
C Q5

North East South West
Pass Pass Pass 1S
Pass 1NT ! Pass 2C
Pass 2D Pass 3H
Pass 3S PAss 3NT
All Pass

1. 1NT semi forcing thing
2. 2C good hand

IMP-14 North Dlr: South
Board 1052 S 85 Vul: None
H AT9872
West D Q864 East
S 96 C 4 S T72
H Q43 H KJ6
D J9 South D A72
C AT9753 S AKQJ43 C KQJ8
H 5
D KT53
C 62

West North East South
Pass 1NT ! Pass 2C
Pass 2H Pass 2S
All Pass

1. 1NT = less than 3S's, less 12pts
2. 2C = too good for 2S, p
3. 2H = hearts, weak
4. 2S = too good not to rebid


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