Opening preempts above 3 Hearts

Playing MisIry transfer bids, the use of 3♥ and 3♠ depends upon what is allowed in the tourney you are playing in. One option is to use 3♥ as a spade preempt and 3♠ bid to show any solid seven card suit no side ACE or KING (vul versus not, it promises a side source of side tricks) .Or you can legally reverse the meaning of these bids. The responses are easy

  • Pass - very rare, but sometimes you can know partners suit is spades based upon cards in the other suits
  • 3NT to play. Note, we "right side" the 3NT contract compared to normal gambling 3NT
  • 4♣ ask for opener to signoff in his solid seven card suit.
  • 4; ask opener to show singleton or void, presumably responder knows openers suit
  • 4NT ask opener to bid small slam with eight card suit.

Since 3♠ shows a solid suit, we use an opening 3NT bid as a preempt of four of Either minor. Responder with a good hand can pass. This avoids the opening preempt of four of a minor preempting you out of 3NT when partner is strong.

Over 3NT-?

  • Pass is to play
  • 4♣/5♣/6♣ are pass correct
  • 4/4♠ are to play
  • 4 is RKCB for the minor (which ever one)

Four ♣ and 4 opening bids are Namyats. Remember, we can open 2♣ with 8 or 9 tricks in a major and five plus controls. Our namyats bids thus show, 1-7,8 or 9 card suit, 2- one or two KEY cards, but if only one keycard, will have the trump queen, 3 - no void, 4- max of 4 controls, 5 - 4 to 4.5 losers. The responses are:

  • Bid in the anchor major (=♠, ♣=) if he lacks two key cards, or lacks three possible cover cards. Opener MUST accept the signoff.
  • If responder has two plus keys and at least 3 possible cover cards, he can bid the in-between suit as RKCB (of course, we have limits on what opener can hold). The response are.
  1. 1st step = 1 key card and by rule, must be trump queen too
  2. 2nd step = 2 key cards without the queen
  3. 3rd step = 2 key cards with the queen

Opening bids of 4♠ and 4 are weak preempts


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