Multi 2Diamonds

If you have slugged your way through my preferred 2♣ method, you have discovered one large systemic bidding hole. There is no way there to show a hand too strong for an opening 2NT bid, but not strong enough for 2♣ followed by 3NT. This flaw is solved by the use of the very popular (everywhere but the US) Multi-2 Diamonds.

An opening bid of 2 thus includes the same kind of hands that most standard american players would open 2♣ and then rebid 2NT. For me, this shows a good 22 hcp to a very bad 25 hcp. The normal expect range is 23-24, it has to be a serious good feature to upgrade 22 or seriously flawed to downgrade to 24.

Of course, multi-2 Diamonds includes a number of other hand types besides the big balanced hand. It includes a weak two in either major, and promises six cards in the major (not five). We also throw in one other hand type, a VERY strong Acol 2 bid in a minor, promising 5 controls+ and 9.5 tricks in the minor. The reason for this is that if you open 2♣ and rebid 3 of a minor, it is game force, so that simplifies the 2♣ auctions.

Responding to 2 is simple. First, you treat it as a weak two in a major, and use paradox responses as defined by Chris Ryall. The basic principle is that if you would not make a game try over a normal weak two in hearts, you BID 2 in case that is what your partner has. The responses I like are:

  • Pass = almost never occurs. must have lots of diamonds and a complete lack of hcp. Remember, partner can have 24 hcp!!!
  • 2 = pass/correct. With a weak two, opener passes, or bids 2♠ if that is his suit. Responder may have game try in ♠ but no hope opposite hearts
  • 2♠ = game try in opener can bid 3 or 4 with hearts, and pass with weak two in spades. Any other bid shows the opening stronger hands.
  • 3♣ or 3 = both are natural and forcing
  • 3 or 3♠ = Pass or correct at 3 level
  • 3NT = Preemptive major raise (4-4 in majors)
  • 4♣ = 4♠ and 5
  • 4 = 5♠ and 4
  • 4/4♠ = my suit, i don't care what you have
  • 2NT = asking bid. If responder is bidding 2NT, and you have one of the big hands, slam is certain, so,
    ----> 3♣ shows minimum 2 opening (3 then game try in 's)
    ---->3 minimum 2♠ opening, (3 then game try in ♠'s)
    ----> 3 and 3♠ show maximums both suits
    ---->4♣ or 4 over 2NT shows the ACOL 2 of a minor
    ----> 3NT shows balanced big hand (forcing after 2NT)
    -----------> 4♣ baron looking for 4-4 fits
    ----------->, 4, 4, 4♠, 4NT show bid suits
    -----------> 4NT shows clubs,
    -----------> 5♣ is super gerber).

If you don't want to play multi 2, you can still play the 2 Club system with the three suiter, if you keep 2 as mexican 2 showing a big balanced hand with 2 asking for range or play the normal mexican 2.


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